Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do Mexican congressmen have a brain?

Can you believe that from April on you will be fingerprinted if you are impudent, no, impertinent enough to want to buy a phone in Mexico? I mean, of course, how dare you?! Stupid me, must be my government-mistrusting paranoia.

But seriously, that's creepy. And the excuse they come up with to justify it is hilarious. At best. It goes like this: there are a lot of criminal bands in Mexico and if they could get all the cell phone users' fingerprints everything would be fine. Yeah, right. Apart from that “argument” (joke, actually) being totally flawed, nobody could really be stupid enough to think that criminals who order kidnappings, extortions and drug deals on their cell phones would be good boys enough to not steal a phone? Or could they?

So yeah, to answer my own question, maybe they have a brain. A single one that they all divvied up.

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