Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jarrod Spillers is a Coward

Or has a mental disorder. Or had a really bad day. Or all of it. Anyways, I read his so-so blog post about git merge vs. rebase where a person called Björn makes two good points about the blog post that help not to get confused by what Jarrod didn't get quite right. Instead of saying “thanks, dude”, Jarrod totally dissed him for the “insanely idiotic things” he writes. Yep, I am citing. Couldn't resist to post a comment myself, which elicited yet another comment by a guy called Sitaram, suggesting that Björn is not exactly somebody who doesn't grok git.

Thought I'd revisit the blog a few days later to check whether Jarrod at least got the balls to say “sorry, dude". Turns out he simply deleted his own stupid comment and mine and Sitaram's along with it. Oh, and of course further comments are closed, now.

One reason I love Google's cache:

Anyways, that was really lame, Jarrod. Get some style.

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