Friday, August 22, 2008

Blackjack darts

Yesterday I met with Julie downtown. She was uberpunctual because she did not, in any case, want to be late, knowing that she has an appointment with one of those anal Germans, very cute. I was three minutes late, though, The Blue Bridge was up and I had to take a photo (sorry, crappy cell phone camera only).

Johnson Street Bridge

We strolled around for a short while and entered some random place which turned out to be exactly the pub that somebody else had told her about. We had loads of fun talking but it got even better. After some nice food (a salmon burger and some pasta something pesto blah I forgot the name of) and a pitcher of lager we decided to order another pitcher and play darts. I think we started making fun of some people she knows who kinda strictly follow some rules. We tried that for a short while but quickly made up our own rules and got pretty creative about it, from “most triples” (knowing we'd be lucky getting a single one) to “closest to the edge of the board” (that's when you get to hit the bullseye of course) to “highest score right handed without looking” (we're both lefties). Eventually, we settled on playing Blackjack and I guess I don't have to explain the rules. Julie specialized in playing what we called Julie-game, which was constantly scoring 22. So maybe next time we'll play Blackjulie but I think I'm going to have a hard time winning, then. Anyway, we were laughing hard enough to make my abs hurt. Sweetest workout I've had in a while.

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