Sunday, August 24, 2008

Salt Spring Island

Yesterday Christoph and Nancy took me out on a day trip to Salt Spring Island. We weren't able to get on the ferry we wanted to in the morning because the line was too long. There is a well-known market in Ganges where Nancy wanted to buy some stuff and it was really crowded so that's probably why. So we hung out at the harbor and enjoyed the beautiful weather drinking a smoothie. We got on the next ferry and the sail was a short one with beautiful views.

View from the ferry

First we did the important stuff: have lunch. The waitress told us that food would take some time but we were still too optimistic. After a long long time we got some Mexican food. Nancy and me, that is. Unfortunately Christoph wasn't feeling all that good and had some fruit salad. It got worse during the day so we tried to give him as many rests as possible.


We strolled around the marina for a short while and then went up Mount Maxwell and enjoyed the great view from the top.

View from Mt. Maxwell
Leaving Salt Spring Island
View from the ferry back to Vancouver Island

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