Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Telcos suck

Who do telcos have to suck? They seem to do so all over the world so it might even be some sort of a natural constant. I thought the German ones are the biggest pile of stinking crap in the whole wide world. Hah, even worse in Canada. For example, there are no short term contracts (talking about one of the bigger providers here). That is not really surprising and it would be ok if there were contracts without a monthly fee. Not in Canada of course. So the only “reasonable” option left when you're only here for a few months is pay as you go. But guess what, your balance vanishes after 30 days. Unless you top it up but that effectively makes it some sort of minimum monthly rate. And if you want at least half-decent rates you have to pick a plan that increases your minimum top-up from $10 to $20. Even then terms are worse than in Germany. Now I wanted to buy a SIM card anyway because going on to use my German one would probably drain my account faster than I could say “what the f...”. So yesterday I went to a Rogers store as those guys seemed to have the “best” (least bad) terms. Well, the guy was friendly. They didn't have any SIM cards, though, so he sent me to a Rogers video store close by. The guy there, again, was very friendly, but some sort of central Rogers server didn't let him complete the form he was filling my data in. So a wasted one and a half hours later I went back home without a SIM card.


Froggy said...

Have a look at "gosim" or "ICQsim". They provide simcards with prepaid functionality and reasonable pricing all over the world. Maybe that works for you.

Thomas said...

Guess I should've asked you earlier, man. Thanks for the pointer, unfortunately I'm already with Rogers, I just needed to get connected. Oh, and btw, the next day I went to buy it the price was even up 10 bucks! Fuckers! :)