Thursday, August 14, 2008

Exploring Esquimalt

Today I went down to the water from my place. It's pretty close but not exactly obvious to find your way. I wanted to go downtown along the water but there's some kind of a military base so there's a lot of fences with big fat “No Trespassing” signs so I was a little shy to walk further. An older man called Peter showed me the way down to the water, passing old turret mounts from World War II. We sat down and talked a little and enjoyed the view over to the Olympic Mountains. Later I talked to some girls from a day care (probably the same one that my roommates work at because later on I met Laurie, too, with a bunch of children) and one of them said that the military stuff I saw was only military housing and considering my haircut I could have easily walked through the place :). Well, I postponed my plan to walk that part of the coast and took the bus to UVic where I had some delicious dhal together with Jens. And the girl even added some chutney, yummy! For the rednecks among my (zero) readers, dhal is an Indian dish made with lentils ;>.

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