Saturday, August 16, 2008

Goodbye party

So yesterday it was Laurie's goodbye party. She's probably my roommate-for-the-shortest-time-ever, what a pity. So before the party Laurie, Ben, Estelle and I went to a couple stores to get some barbecue stuff and stock up with booze. Well, actually I bought some beer, a dark lager. Interesting. “Interesting” is a good key word here, although insane is probably an even better match. Six (small!) bottles of of beer for like thir-teen dollars! I couldn't believe it. Those are the times when you really want to hold on to your one single beer for the whole night. Or get a better job. Anyway, the party was very nice, lots of fun people, and some nice herbs over here. Which was kind of unexpected but I won't complain. Oh, one major drawback for that little arachnophobic sissy here: at one time I saw a giant spider seeking shelter under the fridge, yuck! Later, Julie also joined the party and I traded some of my lager for a couple gin and tonics, good deal there. Eventually, we took a cab back home and watched Fight Club. Well, we started watching Fight Club. I doubt we got more than five minutes before falling asleep on the sofa.

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