Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Moving on from CVS to Git — cvsps reported error

Don't you just love telling error messages? Like “Error -42”? Or, like yesterday, git-cvsimport: fatal: cvsps reported error Thank you, that'll really help finding a solution. Luckily Mike Schrag got also fucked^Hhit by that error and found that by “simply” launching cvsps on its own first, you can get around that error. There are two things to note here, at least for people who know my humor (they should be scared now): first, why is that so? And, second, why is the “simply” in quotes? I'll leave the first one as an exercise to the eager reader and give you a “try it yourself” for the second one. And no, it's not only RTFM, it's probably UTSL. With Mike's hint I got my last Git post's example working by replacing the single git-cvsimport command by two commands: $ CVSROOT=$(pwd)/ImportRepo cvsps -x --norc -u -A git > /tmp/cvsps.out Then you add another “-P /tmp/cvsps.out” to your git-cvsimport command, like that: $ git cvsimport -A authors-conv.txt -d ImportRepo -C NewGitRepo -P /tmp/cvsps.out git Now it works. At least for me, YMMV. Yeah, seems it's acronym day today, I'm in the mood.

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