Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our lovely society

I went downtown today to buy some small stuff for the stay in Canada (new electrical tooth brush, power adapter, hygienic stuff) and looked for a bag big enough to carry stuff for three months. After that I happened to meet a friend I haven't met in months and we had a drink on the Königsplatz (king's square). I accompanied him to a streetcar stop (he drives those things) and on the way back to the Königsplatz to get my daily quota of coffee'n'cake I met a very special friend, probably both for the last time this year. Well, so much for trivia (although for some of that the word doesn't fit at all...). So I took a seat in one of my favorite cafés and read news articles from The Königsplatz is well known as a meeting point for homeless and other poor buggers our society seems to increasingly produce. One of them, a completely drunk and scruffy guy approached a table to ask for a cigarette and a waitress immediately sent him away. Which is her job. The guy was kinda persistent and another waitress took over, older, stricter, bigger (and I really don't mean just taller), more the prison staff or military kind of girl (oops, ma'am, sorry, ma'am, woman of course). And she took it too far. She started making jokes about him. The “audience” (of course I wasn't the only one in the café, it's a lovely summer in Germany—although by the time I'm writing this dark clouds threaten my Mac) started laughing. She enjoyed her role and the “jokes” got meaner, effectively humiliating him. People started to talk, along the lines of “those people have no inhibitions”, “it's a shame”, blah blah blah, just what people without brains tend to think. Everybody was reassuring one another (nodding, laughing, ...) and people started to look at me trying to include me in their circle of shabbiness. All I could do was stare at them without expression. At some point the guy walked away, across the “huge” (we're in Germany) square, all those people watching him as he was staggering away. Filled with disgust I decided to write my first blog entry before Canada. Of course I am to blame for not having stood up to tell them how disgusting they are but instead cowardly deciding to hide behind that blog entry. Guess there aren't too many great people left on the planet.

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