Friday, August 8, 2008

Final preparations

So, I'll depart on Monday. So many things done and left to do, and more of them more complicated than I thought they would and than I think they should be. Despite that and despite all of the bureaucracy it will hopefully be a great time in Canada. I finally bought my plane tickets, my traveling bag and got health insurance, the latter one being a crucial item of my todo list as I am a spoiled German (communist, as US propagandists^Hpoliticians would probably add—yeah, I watched Sicko). There's quite a range of prices for health insurance, actually, which kind of surprised me. I got it for €130 now (about $200) and could have easily paid €330+ ($530+). Probably money I should have spent partying but well, health care can get really expensive. And there's still a serious amount of party money left on my account... :)

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